Description: With this technique we can make any surface look like wood. To achieve high quality wood effect we first sand the surface and apply a
coat of resene surface sealer. Then apply one to two coats of Resene Bavarian Cream and leave to thoroughly dry. Then mix the effects finish using Resene Paint Effects Medium and Resene Dark Rum. The more Resene Paint Effects Medium used, the more transparent the effects finish. After we comb the surface by pull the graduated comb across the surface to create a lined effect. The lines don’t have to be perfectly straight. Using the graining rocker we pull the graining rocker down slowly, and rock it
backwards and forwards as you move it down to create knots in the wood. Finally we soften the graining gently with a large soft brush.

Cost: 50 Euro/m2


Description: Marmorino is a decorative marble finish that can be used on interior wall surfaces. Its watertight and antibacterial properties also make it ideal for luxury bathrooms and damp areas. The smooth, low-luster finish blended with gentle light contrasts create a sense of depth and exquisite detail to modern day walls.

Cost: 20 Euro/m2


Description: Perlescente is a decorative, environment-friendly paint finish that uses natural oxides to create interiors with hints of gold and silver gleaming through its strong or subtle colors. Its technologically advanced formulation blends resins in a water-based solution and provides metallic accents to give your home a beautiful atmosphere of exclusivity and prestige. Following these simple techniques, you can easily stunning effects in any living space..

Cost: 10 Euro/m2

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